Garamba National Park is the habitat for mainly both reptiles and mammals that you don’t have to miss to visit in Africa. These include; Giraffe, plus elephants, Lion, Leopards, Nile crocodiles, Hippos and many more.  It’s one of the first and fine parks in Africa however, its highly attacked by the military. Therefore for any traveler intending to visit the park, he must be updated with security conditions. The park is located in the orientale province and bordered by South Sudan. To take up a tour in Congo, its better to opt for online bookings such that you provide details such as names, date and time of travel. Just like any other park, it has floral such as grassland making it a better site for game driving or wildlife sightseeing, bird watching and community tours. There are mainly two means of transport to reach there; Air and road transport but travelers are highly advised to opt for air transport for safety purposes. The best season is during the dry seasons(June-December) than in rainy season due to some parts of the park being muddy and slippery making it difficulty in movements.

Major activities in Garamba National Park

Bird watching

Today Garamba National Park has transformed in to a better platform for bird lovers due to the various bird species. Therefore, the park is no longer for wildlife watching only. The number of bird species has increased to more than 500 due some that are migratory and others are residentials. Among these include: fishing eagle, water thick knee, pied king fisher, black crake, wattdled plovers and many more. On a tour to this park, don’t leave out a pair of binoculars in your portable backpack.

Boat Cruising

Boat cruising on river Garamba and Dungu is the most fascinating part of this tour while watch the birds in the sky. Listening to the bird songs and the waters of the flowing river species it up.

Wildlife watching

Formerly, the park was mainly a habitant for the Rhinos but its now for several giant wild animals such as elephants, Buffalos, hippos, lions, hyenas and many more.