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Discover the behaviors of Gorillas on your tour.

February 7, 2020
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Touring Rwanda with Amazing Gorilla Safaris gives tourists a chance to Discover the behaviors of

Gorillas on your tour. This may not be the first time to know the behaviors of gorillas, but have you ever seen them associating? Or have you ever experienced a tour for gorilla trekking with Amazing Gorilla Safaris?

This package will prepare you for the one hour you will spend with gorillas. During this tour, be kin to discover the behaviors of Gorillas on your tour by yourself. On this tour will also include knowing what the gorilla feed on, location of their habitats and how they mate;

Mountain Gorillas are endangered species that live in groups of 3 to 40 members. Usually these groups consists of a male with females as the majority. Also each contain at-least a  Silverback or  black backs and the young ones.

They are not restricted or  do not have territories. As long as they are not enclosed, they wander freely mountainous areas in search for food and feed on plants and fruits. For instance wild celery, shoots, roots, fruit, tree bark and tree pulp.

Silverbacks are the most powerful and oldest in the group. Therefore, this highly gives them a right  to breed with females in groups. And for other groups to do the same such as black backs, they either challenge the Silverbacks and defeat them or leave the group.

This may not be possible to be realized on your tour due to the limited time, females that have clocked adolescence will flee their natal family and join another. From the offspring’s it produces, will suddenly become her permanent family. While for the males, they flee their natal troop and form another to gain breeding rights. It takes some time.

Social behaviors of gorillas.

Females are not close to each other and work and so hard to win a Silverback’s favor. After birth, they keep the bond mother and child. However as the offsprings grow, the bond loosens and takes about 3years.

For all the gorillas, silverbacks is very aggressive compared to other group members. Silverback takes up the responsibility to protect its family and also represent in case of a challenge for the group. And so, if it loses his entire group shifts to another.

Silverback is taken to be the head of a family and so makes most of the decisions.  It makes calls  and look for food. On top of that, at 15years of age silverbacks acquire its own family since at that that age they are capable to own a troop. They also compete and sometimes snatch females from other groups.

Individual behaviors of gorillas.

Individualy, gorillas rest in nests built from bamboo trees and other plants. Since they wander form one to another, they build one each night. At times if the building materials are unavailable, they still continue to hike . Just like in humans, the young ones sleep besides the mother. Due to the large sizes, they move shorter distances and they take a rest.

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