Key facts about Gorillas before trekking in Rwanda

February 7, 2020
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Rwanda is one of the greatest country that has saved endangered gorillas with lots of human help. Gorillas are powerful striking primates with their size and force. They have gentle human like behaviors since their DNA is almost like for Human Being. These endangered species don,t only contribute to tourism system but also play a crucial role in local biodiversity. As they roam through large territories, gorillas spread the seeds of the fruit they consume. When planning to travel to Rwanda, its of importance to know the key facts about Gorillas before trekking.

Physical description;- Gorillas are stocky animals with broad chests and shoulders, large hands, and forearms that are much shorter than the upper arm. The face is black and hairless, with small eyes that are close together and large, prominent nostrils.                                                                                                                                                             Size: Adult males weigh up to 200kg, however the weight is currently changing due to weather changes. Well as females are around half this size. Can reach a height of 1.2-1.7 meters when standing on 2 feetThere are mainly two categories of gorillas mainly;- Western gorillas and Eastern Gorillas.

The key facts about Gorillas before trekking include;

1. Gorilla trekking started in Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking started from Rwanda as an activity that would earn the country foreign exchange. Therefore, this makes Rwanda her one of the best country to visit habituated mountain gorillas on this planet Earth. The great works of research and studies on mountain gorillas were done by Dian Fossey. She was the first lady who conserved them from poachers. Since then, Volcanoes National Park became a habitat for mountain gorillas which attracts tourists. Rwanda takes the first position destination of the gorillas followed by Uganda, then DRC.

 2.  Rwanda gorilla permit prices are always high.

Rwanda gorilla permits prices are usually higher compared to Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. Fortunately, this has never reduced the number of tourists trekking in Rwanda.  Gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD1500.00  for one hour with mountain gorillas while in Uganda it costs USD700.00. per person per trek. However, in Uganda instead of one hour like in Rwanda its 4 hour gorilla experience. Its popularly  known as gorilla habituation experience costing $1500 per person for four hours. For more details DON’T hesitate to contact us!!

 3.   Rwanda was the first country to allocate  habituated gorilla families.

Rwanda has allocated the different gorilla families and currently a visitor can decide to buy gorilla family permit. Gorilla families are many ten groups and depends on your choice,interest to trek.  On a bigger percentage, Rwanda remains the greatest in gorilla trekking safaris.

 4.   Rwanda gorilla trekking briefings’ takes place in one place.

When heading for gorilla trekking, tourists meet in one place from their different accommodation hotels usually early in the morning. Then , transferred to different gorilla family starting points. This makes the activity of gorilla trekking impressive in Rwanda. It includes associating with different people from different countries of the world.  Before briefing session, tourists are provided with a cup of tea as well as traditional dances. At the end of the tour,  they again return to pick their gorilla trekking certificates.

 5.  Booking and checking gorilla permit is available online. 

Checking for a gorilla trekking permit is possible when you decide to travel with Amazing Gorilla Safaris. This helps you to book and check for a gorilla permit and plan when to travel. This is far easier than booking through Rwanda Development Board.

6.  Booking for a gorilla permit is cheaper in low seasons.

Gorilla permits are discounted in low seasons since they are not that active. This includes the month of May and November. This depends on your budget, choice and interest.

7.  Residents in East African Countries trek cheaply.

Finally, this is one of the key facts about Gorillas before trekking in Rwanda that you should know. Residents includes all in Uganda,Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. Its identified from National Identification card or passport of one of that country.  Therefore, don’t miss out on this great opportunity for the natives. For the best explicit journey, travel with Amazing Gorilla Safaris.


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