Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony

Kwita Izina Gorilla naming ceremony 2020

February 9, 2020
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Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony is a time-honored tradition in which newborn baby Gorillas are named. For three decades, prior to the first official gorilla naming ceremony, the Park Rangers and Researchers named Rwanda’s baby gorillas as a key part of the on-going program in monitoring each individual gorilla in their family and habitat. Kwita Izina 2019 was on 6th September 2019. Kwita Izina 2020 official date will be communicated in due course. Contact us to take part in a week-long of activities including the Gorilla naming ceremony. Kwita Izina 2020 will be Africa’s leading dialogue on conservation and tourism. Alongside the naming ceremony, a week-long celebration of activities. You should not miss out on Kwita Izina 2020.

1. You are not going to see any real gorillas at the Kwita Izina Ceremony: It’s better we deal with this major misconception first. No, the Rwanda Development Board is not going to torture gorilla babies by bringing them to the event. Instead, you will get a photo list of little gorillas born that year. There will be dashes for names, and you can entertain yourself by making them up, however, the real thing is going to be done from the stage, by important personalities from around the globe.

2. The Kwita Izina Ceremony always happens at the same place at (almost) at the same time: You can plan for this. The setting is Kinigi, the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park not far from Musanze Town, and it happens the first Friday of September, beginning in the morning.

3. It is a free event with online registration: You will have to apply for your free ticket to Kwita Izina online (we will add the link for Kwita Izina 2019 when it becomes available), and that will be it.

4. This is a massive and huge crowded event, arrive early: It is an excellent idea to be at the site before 8 am. The best parking places and the best seats will still be available for you to grab. The entertainment begins early, you can meet many lovely people and thoroughly enjoy the informal side of Kwita Izina. Tens of thousands of people will join you later.

5. There are a number of speeches: In addition to famous singers and performers and top traditional dancing groups, there are of course a couple of people who are expected to say something. If you are lucky, you will hear President Kagame himself, and each of the gorilla namers will explain her or his choice. It will help your focus if you can actually see the speakers in real life, instead of following the action on big screens – see Practical Thing #4!

6. It takes hours but there is shade and there are drinks: Kwita Izina is a multi-hour event. You will be seated in big tents and there will be a bar.

7. Gorilla names are not a gimmick: Finally, gorilla names are actually a practical thing. After decades of conservation efforts, the number of mountain gorillas on this planet is bigger than 1,000 at last — but that still calls for extreme attention to each and every individual! For example, there are specialized gorilla doctors taking care of their health

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