Migration of Gorilla Family from Rwanda to Uganda.

Migration of Gorilla Family from Rwanda to Uganda.

February 9, 2020
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An overview of Hirwa Gorilla Family

Just like human beings migrate from one area to another, also gorillas  do!. The migration of Gorilla family from Rwanda to Uganda was mainly by Hirwa Gorilla family.  Hirwa Gorilla family migrated from the boundaries of Virunga National Park in Rwanda to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. Hirwa means “Lucky One“. This family originated from Sabinyo and Agasha gorilla family which was witnessed by the trackers. This family consisted of nine members which included; one Silverback; three Adult females; two Sub adult females as well as 3 Babies. Though, currently the number has far increased than that.  Due to  Migration of Gorilla Family from Rwanda to Uganda, this  has highly attracted more visitors today in its new home, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Currently, the family that made travelers to go to Rwanda can now be trekked also in Uganda. Therefore, this makes it a double tour for both the two families; Nyakagyezi gorilla family and Hirwa Gorilla Family in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. However, migrations of gorilla has been there. Also,  Nyakagyezi gorilla family used to migrate from Mgahinga to Virunga National Park in Congo which made it hard to trek. Though currently, these migrations ended making trekking easier since they totally settled in Mgahinga.

For this explicit tour, the permit only goes for $700!!



How mountain Gorillas cross the boarders.

Uganda and Rwanda bounder have no Perimeter walls to stop the mountain gorilla from migrating. Therefore, this highly makes it easier for them to move freely not knowing they are crossing boundaries. Migration of these gorillas has been noticed over several years from one country to another.

The similar altitude, climate and vegetation shared between the three countries (Uganda, Congo and Rwanda) favors them to freely cross the geographical borders. This is due to the comfort-ability that they feed and habituate.

Briefly on Mgahinga and Virunga  National Park .

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is one of the smallest park but with a big percentage of mountain gorillas which also includes golden monkeys. Its located in Kisoro in Southwestern Uganda. It consists of three volcanoes which includes Mount Sabyinyo, Mount  Gahinga and Mount Muhabura which has the highest peak. It highly attracts these gorillas due to the climatic conditions and the dense green forest. These three volcanoes also various ecosystems and travelers enjoy the scenic view and walks.The other special fact, is that the park has indigenous Batwa pygmies. These were the first people and well known to be the great hunters.

Virunga National Park is found in the Rift Valley. This park is one of the oldest park on Africa Continent so it will also be a pleasure to see it for its special record. Just like Mgahinga national park, Virunga also consists of volcanoes and they include; Mount Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira. The park also contains different types of floral and fauna. Though, the greatest attraction is the Mountain Gorilla primates. It mainly consists of two types of Mountain Gorillas which are Gorilla beringei and golden monkey.  Sevearal years ago it also acted as a base for the great zoologist called Dian Fossey.

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