Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke is one of the virunga mountains at boarders of Rwanda, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo in Volcanoes National Park.The peak contains a crater lake that was formed after the volcanic eruption and the second is on the sides on the slope though towards the peak. For the crater lake at the peak, is 100meter deep & about 400meteres of diameter with vegetation on the shores.Travelers are moved with the size of this crater lake and the depth.

The slopes of mount Bisoke is covered with green vegetation sections such as Hagenia forest, sub-alpine and alpine. The slopes also contains unique fauna such as Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys, and diffferent bird species. Hiking to the summit of mount Bisoke Volcano is not easy because of the soft soils and interconnected jungle is some parts.

Hiking starts from the foothills of the mountain and it can be completed within a day for both the experienced and non-experienced hikers. This turns to be encouraging for new hikers of this mountain. Hiking up the mountain takes about 4 hours in total and hiking down takes about 2 hours in total making 6 hours. Travel The entire hike to-and-fro is roughly 6 hours, with 4 hours to get to the top and 2 hours to make it back down. However for the experienced take about 4-5 hours in total for both hiking up and down.

Just like any activity, travelers are briefed on the agenda to complete hiking mount Bisoke . Briefing takesplace at the grounds of Kinigi headquarters early in the morning. If the travelers are many, then visitors are divded in to manageable groups and lead by 2 armed rangers in most cases. The ranger(s) brief the hikers about pros and cons while in the park, what to carry for the journey and what to expect. Endevor to ask necessary questions or when not clear about something the professional experienced rangers. Rangers are familiar with the official languages such as French, English and Swahili.

Immediately, be transported to start the hiking journey however its advisable to carry light backpack or to hire porters to carry part of the lugagge. The strong supporting sticks during a hiking are provided by a ranger. Towards the mountain, are the farmlands of the natives for both home use and sale.

The commonly known gorilla family on mountain is Umubano Gorilla Family.

This family has 13 members which include silver backs, sub-adult, six infants, and 3 adult females. Some of these will be met on your way. When the main leader of the group dies then the next silver back to him takes over. You are given a chance to spend some time with them because the main activity is to hike mount Bisoke. The other endangered species are the golden monkeys that are sighted jumping from one tree to the other. Foothills are occupied with short trees, flowerly shrubs and birds.

As the Eglish says, “The higher you go the cooler it becomes”. It’s the same that happens on this mountain and the oxygen levels drops regularly.  At the top of the mountain, you be embranced with the natural creatures such as the crater lake, the covered peaks of  Mountains Karisimbi and Mikeno with clouds and of  beautiful cloudy scenery of the summit. The number of hours to be spent at the top depends on the wethaer.

The return journey down the mountain is relatively easier, filled with sliding through the slippery muddy trail.

Mount Karisimbi