Safety of gorilla trekking in Rwanda

March 3, 2020
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Gorilla trekking physical activity has become a unique way of spending a great wildlife holiday in Rwanda. The tour to mountain gorillas in the green jungle offers an amazing opportunity to spend ‘one magical hour’ with a specific gorilla family such as Hirwa and Susa among others. In this magical hour, the safety of gorilla trekking in Rwanda is 100% safe to take part in the valuable task of habituating gorillas to the presence of humans. Trekking for gorillas takes courage to search for them in the dense foliage of the forests.

Being a foreign country to many of the travelers, the majority are concerned about the safety of gorilla trekking in Rwanda in the past days.  YES, gorilla trekking is safe in Rwanda and undisturbing. Fortunately, traveling with Amazing Gorilla Safaris be gladly assured gorilla trekking is to be safe in the land of 1000 hills. For the past tours for gorilla trekking, Rwanda has not faced lapses hence assuring safety on their safaris in the jungles such as Nyungwe National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Comfortability and safety of our customers(clients) is our priority as Amazing Gorilla Safaris.



Different measures have been suggested to ensure the safety for travelers which may include:

Tour cops
Different stations have various tour cops during both day and night that patrols through the parks throughout the country. The main aim is ensuring no rebel groups or criminals hiding in the park. Therefore this goes to travelers not to be afraid of the cops within parks. At times, you may get across tents or police camps in the jungle criminals to ensure travelers are safe. The security force guarantees safety during the gorilla tour for the tourists.

Armed tour guides
Usually, on reaching the briefing site, the travelers are categorized into different groups of about 8 people which are assigned two armed tour guides. The guides trek with them to ensure travelers are safe from any danger. Therefore, no tourist is allowed to trek in the jungle with no armed tour guide. Since they are two per group, one ranger leads the group well as the other moves at the back. The movement of the leading ranger moves at the pace of the slowest person in the group and this is the reason why people are categorized according to their capabilities. Its a must for tour guides to have guns to scare away wild animals that may attack. They shoot in the sky to chase them. Our tour guides are professional and have experience in what they do therefore, travelers are advised to adhere to the different rules in the park, for instance, keeping 7 meters away from the gorillas.

Safety of lodges within the parks.

Around the lodges, there are armed guards during day and night in the National Parks with tight security. The guards are well trained with some of the best security companies within the Kigali town.

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