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Succeed as a solo traveler in Gorilla trekking.

February 9, 2020
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Who is a solo traveler?

A tour that consists of one person or traveling alone on a trip is a solo traveler. Though, it doesn’t mean that you will be in the jungle alone but with our tour guides. Its not really as hard as many people think it could be. The main emphasis is put on what is considered during your trip. In short what to carry during your journey. The whole journey is the same just like traveling in a group. It seems to hectic and boring but you surely enjoy like never before!  From the beginning, its you who plans for the trip to the end. Succeed as a solo traveler with Amazing Gorilla Safaris in trekking for gorillas.











If you’ve never experienced it,  take a tour on gorilla trekking in Rwanda with Amazing Gorilla Safaris to make it incredible. However much, traveling in a group is very common but also you can succeed as a solo traveler in Gorilla trekking because its affordable. This tour depends on the traveler budget though also can be made as short as one day.

How to get a permit for a solo traveler in Gorilla trekking?

The first question that will run in to your mind is “How to get a permit for this tour?” There are no worries about it cause they are almost the same procedures you go through like for a group. To simplify and get the best experience  its advisable to travel with  Amazing Gorilla Safaris. We help you to succeed, for any inquires we be readily available  and provide the best service you would wish to have. With our tour guides, they guide you to identify these endangered species and locate they habitats and take off some more to study their behaviors. To make your plans succeed you always remained that gorilla trekking permit is on a very high demand and so you have to book for it before six months. This is to avoid any inconveniences.

As we know gorilla trekking can be done in different countries like Uganda,Rwanda and Congo, so all these countries have different prices for the permit both residents and non-residents. The very most demanded permit is  Uganda gorilla permits at $700 for foreign non-residents and $600 for foreign residents.

Is it possible to trek a gorilla family when am alone?

This is surely possible with Amazing Gorilla Safaris. This is because to be a solo traveler does not mean you will be in the jungle alone as said above but with some tour guides. You will also meet other travelers of the different companies also trekking for gorillas.

In the morning for the day of trekking, you will be briefed about the rules and regulation while trekking the gorillas and joined with other travelers. This makes it possible to be given a gorilla family to trek.

What to put in consideration for a solo travel.

Amazing Gorilla Safaris well knows that sometimes its your first time to book for a permit for this tour or not but still you need a guide or tips before you set off. These include:

  • Book the gorilla permit in advance to avoid the inconveniences.
  • Associate with our tour guides freely and befriend other travelers.
  • During the tour, you can update your friends and relatives through the different social media
  • Its always advisable not to move late in the nights.
  • To have more fun, take some time to learn some words in local language.

Things to pack for your tour.


succeed as a solo travellerTo have a perfect solo travel, its always best to know what to carry and these include;

  • Long sleeved clothes like the pants and shirts for safety from scratches by grass or anything else.
  • Water proof back pack to protect your gadgets like the camera, binoculars and phones.
  • Hiking rubber boots that protects you from falling due to the slippery wet rounds.
  • The hat, to protect you from continuous water drops from the different trees.
  • Gardening grooves and a supporting stick that will be provided by our tour guide.


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