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Coffee experience along lake Kivu

1 Day Rwanda Coffee Tour experience will take you to pay a visit to the local coffee farmers and experience their lifestyle while processing the Coffee from the coffee crop to the cup.
This tour helps support local farmers and give an opportunity to the visitors to learn and make the coffee by themselves.”.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Visit Local communities Boat Ride on Lake Kivu
Ground Transport Professional guide
Personal expenses
Tips and gratuities, which are optional

Rwanda’s tea may be the country’s major export, a 1 Day Rwanda Coffee Tour experience to the countryside of thousand hills will open your eyes to the coffee plantations and stations discovering where the beans coming out of Rwanda today are grown and manufactured to meet the continuing demand of people all around the world.

The coffee-covered hillsides shimmer bright green all throughout the year, but when the harvest is ready (usually between February and May), the coffee cherries themselves blush a deep cranberry red to say they’re ready to be plucked.

A patchwork of hundreds of thousands of small growers produce coffee all across Rwanda, but visits are primarily centred around Gisenyi, and a number of farmer’s cooperatives and washing stations near here offer tours explaining the coffee process throughout the year, and each one naturally comes with a generous tasting..


1 Day Rwanda Coffee Tour experience Itinerary

Upon arrival at the airport, we will drive straight for the Kivu Coffee Experience Tour dubbed.. From Crop to Cup
Most visitors come to Rwanda for its mountain gorilla, but his not where the discovery ends.

Rwanda is abounding with hidden secrets and the production of the best coffee worldwide.
For a coffee connoisseur, Lake Kivu shores offer the chance to experience one of the rarest coffees in the world. The unique climate and terrain allows for a very high quality coffee to be grown which has a very distinct taste.

The Arabica beans are grown here between 1468-1600 meters in some of the most picturesque farms one could think of.
On this trip, Amazing Gorilla Safaris will take you up close and personal with this coffee, You meet the farmers, help in the farm (depending on the time of year, either harvest, tend, sort), visit the production chain processes and end up drinking that very coffee, which was traditionally roasted right in front of your eyes.
The Kivu coffee crop to cup experience will change your perspective about the coffee staring at you right now!.


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