Uganda Gorilla Permtis

Uganda Gorilla Permits, prices and availability

Uganda gorilla permits are a must-have if you are to trek the gorillas in Uganda. Visiting the mountain gorillas is the most popular tourist activity in Uganda today. People are traveling from various countries across the world to the pearl of Africa to enjoy this exciting experience. There’s one thing however that often stands in their way, one thing that you go on a gorilla trekking trip if you don’t have it, and that is a gorilla permit.

gorilla permit is a document or card issued by ORTPNRwanda Development Board or Uganda Wildlife Authority that allows any traveler to view gorillas for only one hour but the gorilla trekking itself can take a minimum of 30 minutes or up to nine hours while looking for gorillas in the forest.

Because gorillas especially mountain gorillas are such an endangered species, precautions have to be taken. One of those is to make sure that you have a Uganda gorilla permit for anyone who wants to see them. It is, of course, a source of revenue to the country, but it is for good cause, preserving the mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Securing your Uganda Gorilla Permits can be quite a daunting task for the average and there are many myths and misconceptions, misinformation about how, where to obtain Permits to Track a Gorilla Group in Uganda.

Uganda Gorilla permit booking information, prices and availability



Who sells Uganda Gorilla Permits

You need a gorilla permit for each day that you track mountain gorillas in Uganda. The Uganda wildlife authority is the one that issues these permits. But you need to secure one for yourself way ahead of your trip because they are in high demand.

UWA has 96 gorilla permits available each day. 8 of these are for Mgahinga gorilla national park, and the remaining 88 are for Bwindi impenetrable forest. So you see there is limited supply and high demand from tourits and local tourists.

Uganda Gorilla Permits are issued out on basis of the travel season. The Peak seasons June, July, August, September, December, January, and February are especially a hard time to obtain gorilla permits. The permits are sold locally on cash basis at the UWA offices in Kampala. Sometimes the response from UWA is quite slow and can be frustrating, hence the need to buy one ahead of time, We can help you get iy for you on hassle free. Contact us now

During the low seasons, there is a low turn up of tourists, due to the heavy rains in Uganda from April to May and winter in Europe which makes fewer people travel. In most cases tourists are meant to believe that these Uganda discounted permits are only for rainy seasons when the trails are impassable, but the fact that Bwindi impenetrable national park is in an area of high altitude, it rains anytime even when it is a dry season. One advantage of trekking gorillas in the low season is the fact that there are few tourists, and you get a marvelous feeling that you have the entire jungle to yourself.

Are Uganda Gorilla Permit Only Sold Locally?

This is where experienced Ugandan safari companies like Amazing Gorilla Safaris come into the picture. If you hire a safari company like us to manage and organize your Uganda safari and subsequently your gorilla trekking tour, you can hire us to book and purchase a permit for you.

For most safari companies it can be included in the wholesome quotation if they know you are interested in gorilla trekking or you can pay for it separately. It is possible to pay for a permit after you get here but the hustle and delays that you might encounter are not worth it. Safari companies in Uganda know the ins and outs of securing a Uganda gorilla permit and will do it quickly and efficiently.

When you hire a safari company to book and organize your gorilla safari for you, there might be a few deviations from the plan every now and then, say you could get a permit that is valid for a day later than you wanted because the other were all booked out, but one thing is certain you will enjoy your gorilla experience hustle free.

Securing a gorilla permit is only one step of organizing for your Uganda safari; there are other things like booking lodging, travel arrangements and so much more. But after you have secured your permit you can rest easy and organize your trip knowing you will get the experience you are hoping for.

How to acquire the discounted gorilla permits

Any tourist interested in acquiring these discounted permits can contact us to inquire about the availability of the permits in specified days of their (tourists) interest. Once it is confirmed that the gorilla permits are available for the dates you wish to travel, you will be given the Company’s Bank account where you can make payments for your gorilla safari. In case you don’t wish to book for the entire safari with the company we can still acquire for you that permit but you will be required to pay a commission. Once payments are made, permits will be acquired from UWA after inquiring about your passport details (name, country, passport number). A scanned copy of the permit will be sent to you to confirm your participation in gorilla trekking.

Therefore for those tourists interested in trekking gorillas in the months of April, May and November should book now for their permits and the tracking dates chosen should fall within those months that are discounted.

How much are Uganda gorilla tracking permits?

In 2018 (and until the end of 2019), a Uganda gorilla tracking permit costs US $600.